Harvest Celebrations

As the church gathered together to celebrate Harvest it really was a day to thank God for his goodness!

Harvest festival celebrations at Portsmouth Citadel coincided with the final day of the Jewish Sukkoth, also known as the Feast of the Tabernacles. During this festival Jews recall God’s presence with them during the exodus and their wanderings through the desert. Even today this festival is still celebrated by Jewish families building, eating in, and sometimes sleeping in a sukkah, a temporary structure usually constructed of four walls and covered with a roof of tree branches.

To recreate this feast a sukkah was erected at the front of the hall and harvest gifts were brought and placed inside. These gifts of Christmas items will be used later in the year for the corps’ Christmas hamper distribution programme.The Jewish festival is celebrated with real joy – being a time of thanksgiving for God’s provision.

This theme of joy was most appropriate as the meeting included the enrolment of 2 new soldiers and an adherent.

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