CAMEO Club and Yellow, Red & Blues

In common with similar groups throughout the UK Territory, the CAMEO (Come and Meet Each Other) club is an opportunity for both men and women to meet together at The Salvation Army on a weekly basis for fun, laughter and fellowship.

Prior to the meeting each Thursday, there is an opportunity for those members, who wish to do so, to participate in a craft session such as knitting or needlework, or just have a chat and enjoy each other‘s company. There is also the opportunity to share in the Luncheon Club at 12.15 and enjoy a freshly-cooked 2-course meal, reasonably priced at £3.50.

The CAMEO meeting itself commences at 1.45pm and lasts for approximately 1 hour. Each week is quite different, and might involve a guest speaker or guest musician(s). The meeting will usually take the form of hymns, readings, quizzes and a bible-based ‘thought for the day’, all of which will be centred around a common topic or theme. There will also be light refreshments.

Upon other occasions during the summer months it might involve an outing or visit to a place of interest which is enjoyed by all. The most recent outing was to the Mid-Hants Railway (the Watercress Line) where we all enjoyed a marvellous return trip between Alresford and Alton, including a splendid cream tea aboard the train.

Throughout the year the members take part in various activities to raise funds for the Salvation Army’s Helping Hand scheme. The money raised is then presented at the Annual Families Ministries Rally at the Ferneham Hall in October.

At Christmas we have a lovely party with gifts for all the members.

The group at Portsmouth Citadel currently comprises approximately 30 members, most of whom attend a place of worship on a Sunday. A number of the members are unable to go out on a regular basis but are able to attend the weekly meeting by making use of a local mini-bus which ferries them to-and-from the Hall.

The Cameo Club is open to everyone and is an opportunity for the members, some of whom are very lonely, to make new friends and enjoy fellowship together.