Portsmouth Citadel Songsters

The Songsters of Portsmouth Citadel were formed in 1900 and from that period to the present day they have played an integral part in worship and outreach, really trying to live out the words of the songs they sing – not only in offering their voices in service to God but in offering themselves as a vital part of the Salvation Army’s work in and around Portsmouth.

The current group consists of around 30 members aged from 16 to 70. Many of the members are involved in a variety of corps ministries for young and old, pastoral and music. Additionally the group encompasses people from all walks of life, from people working in finance, schools and hospitals along with retired people and students.

Over the years the Songsters have travelled and sung in many venues both in this country and abroad, most recently being invited to sing at the inauguration of the new General. They have also made a number of recordings, enabling them to spread the gospel right round the world.

The current leader is Julie Wheeler who is a music teacher. Previously she has held positions of Deputy Leader and accompanist of the Songsters, Singing Company Leader and Leader of the Southern Youth Chorus. Additionally Julie has worked extensively over the past 25 years with young people at Salvation Army music schools and is passionate about Christian music and reaching out to people through it.

The groups has made many recordings – to find out more and how to purchase these, please visit the recordings page.